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Energy Assessment Course

Our Energy Assessment Course, in partnership with the University of Miami, is a X-hour course that will teach you the skills to conduct one-day energy efficiency assessments in buildings.

The course is offered in both an online and in-person format. This course teaches many foundational aspects of green-energy and is therefore the perfect starting point for an individual exploring Green Collar Jobs. Completing the course has two significant benefits. Firstly, you will get a taste of the variety of career pathways in the field of green-energy, allowing you to make a more informed decision about which path to pursue. Secondly, you will have gained a valuable skill that allows you to begin working, so that you can “earn while you learn”. 

There will be deeper learning opportunities available after completing the Energy Assessment Course.


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We put the “us” in sustainability.

The CDF community is a group of high school students, postsecondary students, skilled workers, small business owners, volunteers, leaders in sustainability, and visionaries: a wide ranging group with the common thread of a desire to contribute to a greener world. We put the “us” in sustainability by forming a strong network of peers involved in the field of green technology. Our community consists of mentees, mentors and senior mentors. As you spend more time with CDF, you will likely experience being in two of these positions simultaneously; everyone has something to learn and everyone has something to share.


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Sustainability starts with you.


Green Building Certification Assessor

A green building certification assessor is a professional that evaluates buildings based on established sustainability standards. They determine whether or not a building meets the criteria for green building certifications and prepare reports outlining their findings. Most importantly, they provide recommendations that will allow the building to become even more sustainable. Green building certification assessors are usually certified through a specific green building rating system such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) or Green Globes Assessor (GGA).


Energy Retrofit Project Manager

Energy retrofit project managers work on projects that update buildings, whether commercial or residential, so that they achieve peak energy efficiency. They are responsible for organizing the many aspects of these undertakings which includes analyzing initial energy assessments, developing a plan, selecting qualified workers, overseeing the construction process, solving any problems that arise, and conducting the final quality control inspections.


Solar Panel Technician

Solar panel technicians are essential in deploying the use of solar energy technology. They are experts in all facets of solar panel technology, including installing, maintaining, troubleshooting, and fixing solar panels. When they are installing or conducting an assessment, they also play a big role in educating the property owner or business on how solar panels work.


Renewable Energy Analyst

Renewable energy analysts use information available to make informed decisions towards a more sustainable future. They look at various data points related to energy consumption, energy needs, and energy availability to understand our relationship with energy in the present and to project what it will look like in the future. They also use data available to create models that assess the feasibility of potential solutions regarding renewable energy projects. Based on their findings, they are equipped to advocate for solutions that they have found to be the most feasible. 


Environmental Policy Analyst

Environmental policy analysts use data to hone in on which environmental challenges we are facing and determine the best course of action to solve them. They have a solid grasp on the environmental issues plaguing us, evaluate the effectiveness of current policies, conduct cost-benefit analyses on the costs of environmental problems versus the potential gains of solutions. With this extensive knowledge and understanding, they create recommendations, educate, and advocate for policy changes they believe are worthwhile. Once new policies are put in place, they continue to monitor their impact.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Manager

CSR managers play an important role in companies’ steps toward improving their sustainability and ethical integrity. They collaborate with their company’s leadership to define what their goals are in terms of social and environmental responsibility. Then, they design and put into place practices that will allow the company to meet their goals. As implementation begins, the CSR manager audits and assesses the practices, and reports on the positive impacts, areas of weakness, and plans for improvement.

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