About Us

Empowering Communities

At CDF, we empower underserved communities with access to resources, education, and training for green-collar jobs and clean energy opportunities.

Our Story

Enjoy this message from Dion Richardson, our founder and president.

The Community Dreams Foundation was founded in 2020  in Orlando, Florida, out of a desire to uplift underserved communities. Focused on providing access to resources, education, and training in energy-efficient, clean energy, and AI technology projects, our foundation aims to bridge disparities and create economic development. Through initiatives like “Green Collar Jobs” and collaborations with academic institutions like the University of Miami, we strive to empower individuals and communities, making the  energy transition a just transition for all. With over 300 trained IT professionals and a dedicated team of leaders, advisors, and partners CDF streamlines connections to once in a generation opportunities while ensuring economic prosperity in underserved and  environmentally affected areas.

Photograph of Community Dreams Foundation President Dion Richardson

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One team, one dream!

Dion Richardson

President, Community Dreams Foundation

Who We Are

At Community Dreams Foundation, we’re dedicated to fostering green development in underserved communities. Our goal is to empower community members with the necessary training and resources to kick-start their careers in clean energy solutions.

That’s why we established our workforce development program – to equip individuals with the skills they need to become the driving force behind sustainable energy. We’re creating a future of Green Collar Workers, pursing what we like to call Green Collar Jobs

About Us

We believe that in order to meet the moment and truly accomplish the extraordinary feat of solving the climate challenge and empowering communities from the ground up we have to embrace mutually beneficial solutions. Collaboration amongst all stakeholders to create win-win outcomes is the best path moving forward. Together we can accomplish anything! One Team, One Dream!

Changing the World

By providing the needed training, education, and resources for these individuals to become highly skilled in the field of green technology and clean energy initiatives, we are helping to create a Green Workforce that’s getting closer to not just clean energy communities but a world powered by clean energy.

The Process of Becoming an In-Demand Green Collar Worker:


Impactful Training

Our training programs provide hands-on experience and practical knowledge to prepare individuals for green-collar jobs in the clean energy sector.


Job Opportunities

We connect individuals with job opportunities in the environmental sector, fostering growth in green-collar professions.


Clean Energy

We facilitate access to resources for clean energy, empowering underserved communities to embrace sustainable practices.

Looking to the Future

We are building strong networks of Green Collar Workers, especially in underserved communities where they are needed most. This helps to bring sustainable energy to us all.

The world is in desperate need of green development and the upgrades that it brings. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of the workers with skills to make these upgrades. So we are fixing this problem by training and education individuals to become the future of green development so they can fill these gaps and take on these roles.

Get Involved

If our “why” speaks to you, and you want to get involved, we encourage you to:

Take the Energy Assessment Course