About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to support individuals and their communities in the pursuit of cleaner and more environmentally friendly energy sources by providing the necessary education and training for them to become clean energy leaders in their chosen Green Collar Job.

Our Story

But first, a message from our founder and president, Dion Richardson:

Coming from a community similar to the ones he now helps to improve, Dion Richardson, realizing at the young age of just 7 that he had big ideas and could influence others to follow his lead, set out on a mission to make his community a better place to live. 

He carried that spark all the way through school and into college where he chose a future in real estate. But the unfortunate financial crisis that came just as he was getting his start made it clear to him how owning a piece of land in the right area could be what he’d needed all along to live a life of financial independence. 

Thus began his journey as the voice of energy-efficient remodeling. 

A trend happening within his section of the industry soon caught his attention. He realized that many lower-income neighborhoods and communities were not being serviced/given attention the same way that higher-income areas were. So Dion set out to do something about it and be the voice for those left behind. 

And so, the Community Dreams Foundation was born and now is dedicated to making sure those communities get the services that are available to everyone else.

Now CDF is pioneering the use and installation of renewable energy systems by providing the necessary training and resources to give these communities the clean energy solutions they deserve. 

Photograph of Community Dreams Foundation President Dion Richardson

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Dion Richardson

President, Community Dreams Foundation

Who We Are

We are Community Dreams Foundation and we are passionate about facilitating green development in underserved communities and providing the members of those communities with the proper training and resources required to start their careers in clean energy solutions.

That is why we created our workforce development program… to train these people to be the future of sustainable energy by becoming Green Collar Workers in what we call Green Collar Jobs.

About Us

At CDF, we’re all about clean energy. 
We are:

Changing the World

By providing the needed training, education, and resources for these individuals to become highly skilled in the field of green technology and clean energy initiatives, we are helping to create a Green Workforce that’s getting closer to not just clean energy communities but a world powered by clean energy.

The Process of Becoming an In-Demand Green Collar Worker:

Energy Assessment

Take our Energy Assessment Course to learn valuable skills for success in the field.


Earn while you further your skills in a paid apprenticeship or become a technical volunteer.

New Opportunities

Once your time there has come to a close, it’s time to find your new exciting role in the world of green development.

Professional Work

Support your community by putting your new skills to work as a Green Collar professional.

Looking to the Future

We build strong networks of Green Collar Workers, especially in underserved communities where they are needed most. This helps to bring sustainable energy to us all.

The world is in desperate need of green development and the upgrades that it brings. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of the workers with skills to make these upgrades. So we are fixing this problem by training and education individuals to become the future of green development so they can fill these gaps and take on these roles.

Get Involved

If our “why” speaks to you, and you want to get involved, we encourage you to: